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Jesse and Krystal met in College, at the University of Minnesota – Duluth. Still Duluthians, they are planning to be married here this September. When I met them to plan the engagement session, they mentioned wanting to capture some of their favorite memories together on the UMD campus – where their relationship first started. (start the most adorable walk down memory lane ever) They showed me the tree by Oakland Apartments, where they would sit and have ice cream dates, the places they lived and stories from that time in their lives. It was all so sweet and amazing for me to get to hear their laughter around campus as they remembered it all. This is such a special couple and I cannot wait to capture their Fall wedding – a day sure to be nothing short of amazing.


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Hooray! Spring has arrived! The warmth of the sunshine and sweet Lake Superior breeze puts me in a perma happiness state of mind and I cannot wait for gorgeous sunset sessions with giggles and belly laughs and joy and so much awesome love. As our summer calendars fill up, I wanted to give you all a jump start on Fall Mini Session dates and making sure everyone has a chance to book a laid back, fun family session with JaneCane Photography.

Whether it is for your Christmas card, updated wall photos or simply this stage in your life that you want to remember, I can’t wait to capture it all for you. If you have never had a session with me – Hello! Welcome! – you can read a little more about me here.

My sessions are super relaxed, focusing on the authentic and encouraging play with your little ones to get those awesome belly laughs and giggles that are the best ever. I do not photoshop, and believe in minimal editing as to capture the most genuine version of you. Those crazy beautiful smiles, giant love filled embraces and wind blown hair as you chase that tiny human of yours with laughter echoing through the trees.

This year I will be offering three different mini session dates to choose from (yay!) all of which will be in Duluth. Below I have listed the session dates, times and locations. To book a session, simply email info@janecanephotography.com with your preferred date and time, as well as a backup date and time just in case! Upon booking, a non refundable deposit will be due – with the remainder due on your session date.

Included in each session is 20 min of shooting time, 30 edited high resolution images in an online gallery with complimentary downloads and ability to order prints. Prints are not required to be ordered, as you also will receive a print release.

In addition to the session this year, you have the choice to order beautiful heirloom products to be cherished for years to come. A carefully designed 8×8 thick paged album of your session images may be purchased for $350. It comes with a gorgeous linen cover of your color choice and 10 spreads (20 pages) from your session memories. You may also add on an order of 4×6 luxury prints of each photo from your session and one 8×10 print of your choice for $75. To add either (or both) of these items to your session, just let me know before your session date.

2015 Mini Session

Available Session dates, times + locations:

Tuesday September 1, 2015 / Park Point

5:30pm – BOOKED –

6pm – BOOKED –

6:30pm – BOOKED –

7pm – BOOKED –

Sunday September 13, 2015 / Location TBD

5pm – BOOKED –

5:30pm – BOOKED –

6pm – BOOKED –

6:30pm – BOOKED –

Monday September 28, 2015 / Location TBD

4:30pm – BOOKED –

5pm – BOOKED –

5:30pm – BOOKED –

6pm – BOOKED –




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  • June 10, 2015 - 10:20 pm

    Melissa Donofrio - I was looking at your site, beautiful shots! I am in awe. Do you take grad pictures as well? Do you have any openings in August?ReplyCancel

    • June 11, 2015 - 8:41 am

      admin - Hello Melissa! Thank You for your kind words! I do offer senior sessions and you can find portfolio work under “Catehories” and “Seniors” or “Galleries” and “Senior” To check availability, please email me at info@janecanephotography.comReplyCancel

Roger and Niki have a special place in my heart. I met these two through Andrew maybe 4, 5, 6 years ago? Time flies and we get older and all of a sudden I have no idea what day it is, let alone when I met friends that have become so much more than that to us. Through the years these two have traveled near and far, adventuring together and growing closer with each mile they trek further away from home. Their most recent move involved relocating to Portland, OR from Duluth this past Fall with Roger’s band (Dedric Clark & the Social Animals – do yourself a favor + check them out) After a long term journey to Guatamala, various countries and across the country together – Roger finally asked Niki to spend forever with him in December, after their new life on the West Coast was just beginning.

When these two asked me to capture their wedding in Minnesota next Summer it was a no-brainer YES! and we started chatting about how much we already missed each other. I thought about flying to visit, but then we talked about the pups (Roger & Niki have Jade, who has always loved our Cooper dog) So then it was settled. Drew, Coop and I would pack up the car and drive cross country on a 10 day road trip to end up on the West Coast – exploring Portland with our favorite Minnesota transplants and of course, plan an epic engagement session.

After a weekend of eating, drinking and adventuring through PDX (and as many breweries as possible) we headed out to the very spot where Roger got down on one knee on that chilly, Portland Winter day. Rocky Butte, which is just minutes from their house,  has a fantastic view of Mt. Hood and is an extinct volcanic cone in the middle of the city. It was the perfect start to an afternoon of photos, belly laughs and swoon worthy backdrops. We took a few photos with Jade at Rocky Butte and then headed out to the Columbia River Gorge + hiked through waterfalls and the most amazing scenery. The images you see below are from Mulnomah Falls (627 feet of insane waterfall beauty), nearby Wahkeena Falls and the Vista House at Crowne Point Overlook – which you can see in the last images overlooking the Gorge.

Going down as one my very favorite engagement sessions and road trips of all time, I cannot wait to capture all the awesomeness of Roger + Niki’s Minnesota backyard wedding next Summer! Cheers to great friends, good beer and amazing memories in the Pacific Northwest!




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  • April 25, 2015 - 4:42 pm

    Jo Custer - Those pictures are amazing!! You captured them perfectly!!! I was wondering how to order them. I would love a copy of each!!!!
    Great job.ReplyCancel

I am the first to admit that I fall powerless to the comparison game. The idea that others seem to be living in a better way, at a faster rate, doing what I then think I “should” be doing. I constantly feel pressure to keep up, questioning if the path I am on is the right one. Not because I actually question it, but more because I feel like the world around me does.

Social media is a black hole of comparison. It gives us the ability to share only what we want to – and feel jealously far too easily when others share – The happy days. The celebrations. The sparkly engagement rings. The new houses, new cars, new shiny everything. The well planned selfies and perfectly lit Instagram photos of Sunday brunch, pearly white smiles and all.

I get it. I understand wanting to be perceived a certain way. I have tried for years to fit a mold, to be a version of me I assumed people wanted as a business owner, a creative, a profile photo on a Facebook page. To show a world I thought I wanted – pure bliss and happiness and perfection. But reality is, I’m not perfect. I am over emotional. I compare myself to everyone. I take everything to heart. I find myself being jealous and weak in the worst moments. I have bad days that feel gray and gloomy and depressing, days that make me not want to get out of bed. Reality is – I am flawed. We all are. Perfectly, wonderfully flawed humans with emotions and hearts and jealousy and love and oodles of feelings we can’t control. But who wants to share that mess on Facebook?

I do. I want you to know that real is beautiful. The authentic you is perfect. I want to give you high fives and cheer you on in the tough times, knowing that light always comes out of the dark. I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin, not worried about what someone might think. Because their opinion doesn’t matter. But your self confidence does.

You matter. The mass comparison game online does not.

And here is a secret about business + social media posts: they are planned. They are thought out and styled and take time. But next to every seemingly well planned Instagram photo of mine is chaos. A pile of mail. A mess. Last night’s dishes. Laundry I haven’t done in a week. Reality is kind of funny, and if you can accept it, amazing. A whole bunch of imperfect perfection around every corner, every heartache, every belly laugh. Life is pretty insane and so very messy.

So today I challenge you to stop comparing yourself to others. Feel joy for those around you that are succeeding, pray for those that need lifting up and be at peace with who you are in this moment, at this time in your life. Put down your phone, step away from the computer, go outside, breathe in the fresh air, hug your kids, smile at a stranger, just soak it all in. Live your life, your way, at your own pace.

Be authentic and real and raw and messy and feel. Feel everything. Because you are perfect exactly as you are and no one can take that from you.

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